Bilderberg Fringe Festival

The Bilderberg conference runs from June 6-9. The media (both mainstream and alternative) will be covering the event – but also present will be activists and concerned citizens. Some activists are planning a ‘Fringe Festival’ to coincide with the conference proper.

The Bilderberg Fringe Festival is a platform for conscious citizens from all over the world to join together at the Grove Hotel, Watford and positively influence global powerbrokers to make the right decisions for our future….. and have a fantastic party.

If you are a musician, poet, artist, speaker, performer, workshop host or have a soundsystem, tent or anything else you would like to bring to the party, get in touch at bilderbergfringe [at] We would love marvellous art to be created around the perimeters of the Grove hotel to drench the area in joy and creativity!

We will be providing the infrastructure for any individual or group wanting to get involved, plus a media tent and press centre to facilitate much-needed coverage of the Bilderberg conference itself.

Together let us make this a historic occasion for freedom and democracy

What to expect?

International Speakers


‘Hug a Bilderberger’


Poetry and spoken word

Delicious local and ethically sourced food and drink, plus grilled Bilderburgers.

All ages welcome.


Near the Grove hotel, Watford.

Nearest tube and station:

Watford and Watford Junction.

Time of arrival

Those travelling to document the event should be at the Grove hotel from Thursday midday, when the delegates should start arriving in their limousines. Cars will still trickle in on the Friday. Most cars will leave on Sunday morning, with certain members of the steering committee holding a debriefing session and leaving mid Sunday afternoon.

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