Health Benefits Of Music Therapy

Music therapy is a therapy by using music as a tool to improve, maintain, or enhance physical, mental, and emotional of a person.

History of music therapy

The use of music therapy for health or anything else already there before. In the history, the two scientists who are experts in music therapy, namely Al-Kindi and al-Farabi.Al-Kindi or al-Kindus is a scientist who lived during the Islamic Abbasid Caliphate in Baghdad. Al-Kindi’s expertise in mastering a variety of disciplines including medicine, make him to be a teacher and healer for the Caliphate. The Caliph also believed him to involved in the Bait al-Hikmah, who was actively translating books of science and technology from various languages, such as Greek.Al-Farabi or Alpharabius, has a full name Abu Nasr Muhammad ibn al-Farakh al-Farabi. He came from Persia.

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Al-Farabi (873-950M) in his book “Great Book About Music”, said that music creates a sense of calm, educates moral, controls emotion, develop spiritual, heals psychological disorders. He was a philosopher and a great Islamic thinker.Ibn Sina (980-1037) said that he gain much things from the work of al-Farabi. He even admitted that he learn music from Al-Farabi and practice music therapy. “One of the best and most effective treatment is to strengthen the patient’s mental and spiritual health, and give them more courage to fight the disease,” Ibn Sina said.Music is sound that organized and orderly.

Music has a profound effect on one’s physical and mental. Listening to music on a regular basis is very beneficial to health because it can relieves stress, depression, so that the mind and body are relaxed and re-powered.

Is music therapy the same as listening to music?

No. That are the different things. Cheryl Dileo, a professor of music and Director of the Center for Art Research and Quality Improvement of Living, Temple University, Philadelphia, United States (U.S.) stated that, music therapy and listen to music is very different. “Listening to music alone is not a therapy, although a lot of people who listen to music obtain positive benefits, such as more relaxed and a better mood” .Dileo added, music therapy needs help from others who have such ability. “Although many people claim to know about how to enjoy the music for themselves, but with the help of an expert of music therapy, listening to music will provide greater benefits. Music therapy will gives a new energy, a fresh mental, and good social relationships, “he said. What is certain, music therapy can provide many health benefits.

Here are some major benefits of music therapy for health.

1. Make physical and mind more relaxed

The first benefits of music therapy can be felt is a sense of relaxation, physical and mind to be fresher, and more powerful. Music therapy is an opportunity for physical and mind to undergo relaxation process as a whole.

2. Increasing intelligence

In the field of music therapy, there is a well known term that is Mozart effect, ie some positive effects of  music to enhance a person’s intelligence, especially in children. The Mozart effect has been studied by scientists, one of them is Frances Rauscher and his friends from the University of California. Some studies showed that since the baby in the womb until the age of five years are the best time to stimulate children’s intelligence. Because, that’s the time when a child’s brain in a period of formation, so it is good if babies get music therapy.

3. Increase passion and motivation

Passion or motivation are the power come from specific impulse. If there are passion and motivation, all things are possible to be implemented, and vice versa. Some studies showed, there are certain types of music that can enhance a person’s passion and motivation.

4. Improve memory

Music therapy may improve memory. At some schools in developed countries like America and Europe, music therapy is widely used to improve student academic achievement. While at the rehabilitation center, music therapy is widely used to deal with dementia.

5. Reduce pain

Director of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Katherine Puckett said although she did not have certificate as a music therapist, she and her staff always used music to petrify the treatment of their patients. “Everyone must love music. You would not be sick if you like music. Music makes one feel relaxed, comfortable, and quiet.The relaxed body can reduce pain, including pain from cancer healing process, “said Puckett.

6. Balancing the left brain and right brain

According to  experts, stimulation of music help balance the left brain and right brain. If the left and right brain are balanced, other organs also become more balanced and healthier. That is why, the family who realized the importance of the balance of left brain and right brain, provide additional education in the field of music to their children.

In addition, there are several other benefits of music therapy are: enhance creativity, improve concentration, overcoming autism disorders in young children, and improve language skills.