Bilderberg comes to Watford? The evidence.

There is growing evidence that this year’s Bilderberg conference will take place in the UK, at the luxury Grove Hotel, Hertfordshire, just north of Watford. This is still just speculation, but the signs are good…

Why do we think Bilderberg is taking place at the Grove?

The Grove Hotel, Herts

The Grove Hotel, Herts

The whole hotel – including three restaurants, a luxury spa and walled garden – is completely booked out by a private group from the 5th to the 9th of June. This was first spotted by an Italian documentary maker who is an expert on Bilderberg.

The Grove – “a private family-owned luxury hotel” – is no stranger to international conferences: it has previously hosted the exclusive Google Zeitgeist conference (in 2009, 2010 and 2012). And Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt is no stranger to Bilderberg.

Hotel staff have said that the booking has been made by a ‘major’ and ‘high profile’ group. The whole hotel is ‘out of bounds’ and ‘in lockdown’ for the duration. One member of staff said: ‘We don’t know what it is, senior staff know what it is but they won’t tell us.’ They first heard about this unusual event in January.

Hotel spa members, who have paid a yearly membership of £2400, are banned from accessing the luxury spa facilities from 2pm on Weds 5th June to 12pm on Sunday 9th June. They will get 5 days added at the end of their membership.

We were told by the nearby Fullerians Rugby Club, that it has taken an unusual booking from Herts Constabulary, who have booked the entire grounds and facilities for ten days – spanning the weekend of the conference. The rugby club has no idea what the booking is actually for. Could this be the base of operations for security during the event?

The diary of regular conference participant Neelie Kroes indicates that she will be in the UK over this weekend, plus the diary of the future King of the Netherlands and his mother, Queen Beatrix, is free between the 6th and the 9th. (The outgoing Queen Beatrix has long been one of the most prominent attendees).

This information corroborates a recent leak from a good source that the conference will take place in a ‘London suburb’ from the 6th-9th June.

The group is due a visit to England (they were last in England 36 years ago in Torquay, and met in Scotland in 1998).


To be clear: we have no final confirmation that Bilderberg is going to be located at the Grove Hotel, but from what we know of Bilderberg’s MO this set-up fits the bill. There are few other groups with the power and resources to shut down a major hotel for five days like this in conditions of such secrecy. Please check back on this website for updates.

At this stage, it’s up to you to weigh up the evidence, and decide if you think this year’s Bilderberg conference is indeed coming to Watford.

But if it is:

Watford is served by two tubes and an overland station. There are plenty of hotels and bed and breakfasts in the town and camping may be available nearby (please check updates on this website for details). There would also be a functioning press room for bloggers, journalists and filmmakers.

If Bilderberg does take place in Watford, we would urge citizen journalists, concerned citizens and interested parties to come along and witness a major international summit taking place. Enjoy the spectacle, meet new friends, and secure your souvenir picture of a Bilderberg participant gliding into the Grove’s grounds in a tinted limo.

Conference participants generally arrive from Thursday afternoon through to Friday morning and leave on Sunday morning (or late on Saturday).

Security is always extremely tight – it’s a huge operation – the hotel and its grounds is cordoned off. No press statement is made.

The privacy means that Bilderberg delegates will be able to stroll in peace in the ornamental gardens of the hotel, enjoying the wonderful, life-affirming art on display…

Graceful sculpture in the gardens of the Grove Hotel

Graceful sculpture in the gardens of the Grove Hotel


The hotel is near an idyllic canal, and glorious woods – and no other event or protest compares to Bilderberg for quality of roadside conversation. This year would also see the launch of the Bilderberg Fringe Festival.

Please check back on this website for scheduled events. If you have any queries (or can give us any confirmatory details) email us at

If Watford does play host to Bilderberg, any help with organising the festival or acts who wish to perform, would be wonderful. People with technical expertise, bloggers, artists, filmmakers, photographers and entertainers would all be needed at this event. Economists, lawyers, academics – even politicians – and any concerned citizens who believe in governmental transparency – should come too.

This is a powerful international summit, and it deserves the attention of the world’s media.

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