Buy The Best Beauty Products For A Dry Scalp

A dry scalp can be due to a number of reasons and changing hair products can really help to alleviate this. A dry scalp may even be caused by using the wrong products in the first place, or by using them in a particular way.

Swap Shampoo for one With a High Quality Soap Base

When looking for a truly gentle shampoo, disregard standard marketing terms on the bottle such as ‘soothing’ or ‘moisturizing’. Rather go straight to the ingredients list and get used to interpreting this. Try to avoid the soap base Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. It is a usually inexpensive ingredient for manufacturers, is an efficient cleanser and can also make a product foam up nicely. However it can over-cleanse the scalp, being unpleasant for those who are already dry.

Shampoos that contain other soaps instead tend to be a little pricier but anyone who has never tried a Sodium Lauryl Sulphate free shampoo will notice a difference in the feel of the product from the first wash. Despite various claims and counter claims about the safety of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, the best advertisement for using a shampoo free from this is just to try the way the products make hair and scalp fee. Try Ren’s Oat and Bay Conditioning Shampoo, Trilogy or Aveda.

  • Avoid large quantities of clarifying essential oils such as tea tree or peppermint and lemon.
  • Particularly soothing and hydrating natural ingredients to look out for include aloe, chamomile, lavender, avocado oil, jojoba and coconut oil.
  • The largest ingredients are usually first. So, for example, if a product claims to contain soothing herbs, check the other larger ingredients first to make sure that they are also soothing or high quality.

Remove Build-up From Hair Styling Products

Styling products can stay on the hair and scalp both irritating and dehydrating it. Some products are hard to remove with regular shampoo and contain silicones which build up in a layer on the hair shaft. A detox shampoo, especially designed to remove product build up, can clean hair of styling product residue. Those using styling products regularly should use this once a week.

  • Anyone hooked on products may try styling products from Aveda. Being a professional range, the products are also highly functional.

Home Scalp Treatments With Plant Oils

Those who suffer from generally dry skin on the body, and therefore a dry scalp, might benefit by using a traditional oil treatment to sooth and moisturize skin. Plant oils are fine enough to genuinely moisturize but also slip underneath dry skin to lift off dead skin cells. Using a weekly or fortnightly treatment like this can really help to stop dry, flaky skin from falling. Never use oil treatments such of these if suffering from greasy dandruff or acne on the scalp.

  1. Massage a small amount of the chosen oil into the scalp and leave it to sink in for at least 20 minutes.
  2. Shampoo out using a detox shampoo to remove all the oily residue from hair and scalp. The idea is that much needed moisture should sink in to the skin where needed, not that the hair is left greasy.
  • Coconut or Almond oil are easy and cheap to buy from pharmacies and they have strong moisturizing properties as well as containing many nutrients.
  • Jojoba oil is usually a little finer and sinks in to skin more readily, so might be good for anyone not liking the fatty texture of the other oils.
  • Mustard oil is an exceptionally warming oil and traditionally popular in countries such as India.
  • For a home-spa version of the above, try Espa Pink Hair and Scalp Mud.

General Tips for a Dry Scalp

  • Wear a swimming cap if going in a chlorinated pool and always rinse hair well afterwards.
  • When blow drying hair, blasting the scalp with extremely hot air really dries it out. It may take a few minutes longer but styling hair with a moderate heat will be better for dry scalps.
  • After shampooing and conditioning, two to three minutes of rinsing actually feels longer than we may realise. Making yourself stay under the shower for longer will prevent shampoo from sticking to the roots, drying on the scalp and thereby dehydrating the skin.
  • Similarly, don’t rinse out hair in bathwater as it will not get really clean from product.
  • Use a good quality brush such as the Aveda Paddle Brush to massage and stimulate the scalp, keeping it healthy.

A healthy scalp encourages healthy hair growth and feels comfortable the whole time. An itchy or flaky scalp is not to be confused with a generally dry scalp although symptoms could be similar. An itchy, flaky scalp could indicate a number of conditions from greasy dandruff to psoriasis. If persistent, conditions such as these should be diagnosed by a Trichologist.

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How To Reduce The Risk Of Catching Zoonotic Infections from Animals

The risk of acquiring zoonotic diseases can be significantly reduced by taking simple precautionary measures. The following are some common zoonotic illnesses that can pass from cats to humans.

Cat Scratch Disease

Each year about 25,000 people across the United States are diagnosed with cat-scratch disease (also known as cat scratch fever), a bacterial infection transmitted via scratches or bites from infected cats. Kittens are more likely to transmit the disease than adult cats.

Symptoms of cat-scratch disease include swollen lymph nodes, headache, fever, muscle and joint soreness, appetite loss, and fatigue. Most of those infected recover completely, though it may take a few months until symptoms have completely abated. However, the disease can have harsher consequences for people with compromised immune systems.

To prevent cat-scratch disease:
  • Don’t allow children to play roughly with cats, particularly kittens.
  • Wash scratches or bites thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Eliminate fleas, which can spread the disease from one cat to another.


This bacterial infection causes stomach pain, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea, with symptoms usually beginning around 1-3 days after transmission. Although the illness usually goes away on its own, some cases are severe enough to require medical attention. Young children and those with compromised immune systems are particularly vulnerable.

Salmonella infection is usually caused by eating undercooked eggs, poultry, and other contaminated food, but pets (particularly those that prey on wild animals or are fed a raw diet) can also carry the bacteria in their feces. Reptiles, ducklings, and chicks present the highest risk of infection, but other animals may also transmit the bacteria.

To prevent salmonella infection:
  • Don’t eat or feed pets raw or undercooked meat.
  • Wash hands with soap and water after handling raw meat.
  • Wear gloves when cleaning the litter box and wash hands thoroughly afterward, particularly if a cat has diarrhea.

Hookworms and Roundworms

Animals can harbour parasites such as hookworms and roundworms. Children may accidentally ingest the eggs of these parasites if they put their fingers in their mouths after playing in dirt or sand that has been contaminated with the feces of infected animals.

Hookworms cause painful, itchy skin infections or, if the eggs are ingested, intestinal inflammation and bleeding. Ingested roundworm eggs usually cause no apparent damage, but an infected person may develop a serious condition called visceral larval migrans that attacks the organs or the eyes, potentially causing irreversible damage. Puppies and kittens are more likely to transmit these parasites than adult animals.

To prevent parasite infections:
  • Cover sandboxes when not in use.
  • Make sure that children wash their hands before eating and after playing in dirt or sand.
  • Check for and remove animal waste from areas where children play.
  • Wash soil from vegetables before eating.
  • Have pets dewormed by a veterinarian.


Rabies, a viral infection acquired via bites from infected animals, causes death if it is not treated before symptoms appear. To prevent infection, have cats vaccinated for rabies, and if bitten by an animal, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water and seek medical attention immediately.

Most other viruses aren’t transmissible from pets to humans. A cat can’t catch the common cold from his owner, and illnesses such as feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), feline leukemia (FeLV), and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV, the cause of feline AIDs) can’t be passed along to humans.


Ringworm is a fungus that can be transmitted via the fur or skin of an infected animal. People are more likely to get ringworm from kittens and puppies than adult animals. Those most likely to be infected include children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems.

Infected pets shed spores around the house, so eradication requires thorough cleaning and disinfecting. For information on ringworm symptoms and preventing and treating ringworm infection, see Ringworm in Cats.


Toxoplasmosis infection, which can have serious consequences for a developing fetus, is not transmitted through direct contact with cats. Rather, it is acquired through contact with animal feces or contaminated meat. Pregnant women and those with weakened immune systems don’t need to give up their pets, but they should have someone else deal with litter boxes or dog feces, or if this is not possible, wear gloves and wash their hands thoroughly afterward (wearing a mask is also a good idea). The same applies to digging in the garden.

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Handling raw meat can be risky for those who are pregnant or have suppressed immune systems, so they should take the same precautions as they do with animal feces. Any meats consumed should be thoroughly cooked to kill the parasite. Feeding cats a raw diet also increases the risk of toxoplasmosis infection.

General Precautions to Prevent Zoonotic Infection

The following are are some general precautions that can be taken to keep pets and people free or zoonotic disease:

  • Wash hands frequently, especially after handling pets, cleaning litter boxes, preparing raw meats, and digging in the dirt, as well as before eating.
  • Ensure that pets receive regular checkups and seek veterinary care immediately if they show signs of illness.
  • Scoop litter boxes at least once per day, and clean them from time to time with detergent and scalding water.
  • Eliminate fleas (see Natural Flea Control for Cats for safe, non-toxic options).
  • Avoid feeding pets raw diets.
  • Don’t let pets lick people’s faces, plates, or utensils.
  • Teach children how to handle cats gently to reduce the likelihood of defensive scratches or bites.
  • Keep cats indoors – outdoor cats are far more likely to pick up infections from other animals.

Harmful Beauty

Modern beauty products present all sorts of dilemmas. We may question their effectiveness and wonder if they truly achieve all that they claim. Are the promises of perfect skin, luxuriant hair, anti-aging and an overall improved appearance really true? Or are the ingredients in our beauty products actually harmful?

The quest for a better appearance is an age-old concern. While we remain unsure of our current products, here are several cosmetic practises from past centuries that were not only harmful but in some cases even resulted in death.

Chemical Beauty Ingredients

The debate rages over the contents of our beauty products. Do they contain carcinogens, toxins and other dangerous chemicals that may lead to cancer? The Internet provides many persuasive arguments both for and against our modern beauty treatments and it is something that the consumer ultimately has to make up their own mind about.

White lead powder isn’t something we would apply to our skins, as time has shown that it is lethally dangerous. Since the time of the ancient Romans, the use of lead powder had a minor role. Until the late seventeenth century when it made a prominent comeback as the preferred means of achieving a pale complexion for the rich and glamorous.

The powder was imported from Venice, which was then, the capital of all things fashionable. Lead carbonate or lead oxide, sometimes used with added lemon juice or vinegar was applied as a thin mask to the face, neck and bust. Despite documentation of the harmful effects such as withered and wrinkled skin, women persisted in using lead powder in the pursuit of beauty. Ultimately lead affected the body causing anemia, damage to the organs, tissues, intestines, kidneys and nervous system and eventual death.

Harmful Hair Extensions

Hair extensions give the illusion of longer, thicker hair. The downside to extensions include allergies and a burning sensation, from the glue used to secure the extensions to the scalp. In extreme cases hair extensions can result in bald patches and Alopecia. The added weight of the extensions can also pull at the scalp preventing hair growth and inducing headaches.

But the dangers and discomfort of hair extensions seems mild in comparison to the towering wigs worn by the woman of the eighteenth.century. In an age where the division between the rich and poor was everything, the vertically high wigs were seen as the ultimate status symbol of wealth.

The hair was pulled over a “cushion” (a pad stuffed with wool and horse’s hair). However the weight of the cushions created headaches and was later replaced with a wire frame. Over which natural and false hair (sheep’s wool still in it’s greasy state and horse hair) was then draped and covered with white powder created from flour and pomade.

Due to poor hygiene and the elaborate nature of these hair styles, they remained untouched for months, becoming a breeding ground for nits and mites. However, the real danger of these hair pieces was their close proximity to chandeliers. In the 1770s there was a series of deaths, the results of the wigs catching fire.

Dangerous Dentistry

The silver fillings used by dentist contains mercury, a highly toxic substance, which slowly leaches into the system and is believed to result in illnesses, including chronic fatigue, asthma like symptoms and possibly rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer’s.

But before modern dentistry, tooth loss was inevitable due to neglect and lack of hygiene. During the eighteenth century, false teeth were made from bone or ivory but unlike human teeth they lacked enamel coating and became prone to decay and the resulting bad breath. Human teeth provided a much better answer. Occasionally newspaper advertisements offered large sums of money in payment for people parting with their own teeth.

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But many of the human teeth were sourced, gruesomely from the dead. The eighteenth century was a time of unrest and wars, and the teeth from dead soldiers, were the most sought after, due to the donors apparent youth. But the recipients of the new teeth, along with a better smile were also inheriting decay and disease from the previous owners.

With the hindsight of time it is easy to look back and clearly see the harm of our past cosmetic practises. Perhaps it is only time that will conclude if we are currently destroying our health, while improving our appearances.

Low Salt Diet

Salt is meant here is sodium. And table salt is the main source of sodium.The purposes of low salt diet are:

1. Helps to eliminate the accumulation of salt / water in body tissues.

2. Helps to lower blood pressure when there is high blood pressure.

Causes of sodium accumulation in the body

Sodium present in almost all foods derived from animals and plants. All people need sodium but they often get it more than body requirements. Excess sodium will be excreted through the kidneys. At a certain body disorder, the body can not remove the excess of sodium. This salt would remain in the body tissues and bind water resulting in swelling or edema. To get rid of this swelling you need to run low-salt diet.

What Foods contain a lot of sodium?

Sodium naturally exist in food or added thereto. Foods of animal origin usually contain more sodium than foods derived from plants.

Sodium are added to foods are usually in the form of bond:

  • Sodium chloride or table salt.
  • Mono-sodium glutamate or MSG.
  • Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda.
  • Sodium Benzoate, which is used to preserve fruits.
  • Sodium bisulfite, or saltpeter to preserve meats such as corned beef.

Foods are allowed in low salt diet:

1. All fresh or processed foods with no sodium derived from plants such as:

  • Rice, sticky rice, sweet potatoes, maize, hunkwe, flour, sugar.
  • Nuts and beans products, such as green beans, red beans, peanuts.
  • Cooking oil, margarine without salt.
  • Vegetables and fruits.
  • Spices, such as garlic, scallions, ginger, nutmeg, turmeric, galangal, galangal, chilli, bay leaf, lemon grass leaf, vinegar.

2. Raw foods derived from animals in limited quantities:

  • Meat or chicken or fish at most 100 grams a day.
  • Chicken eggs or duck eggs at most 1 grain a day.
  • Fresh milk at most 2 glasses a day. 100 grams of meat contain sodium by an amount equal to 2 chicken eggs or 1 cup milk.
  • Brain, kidney, lung, heart and shrimp contain more sodium, these foods should be avoided.

Foods that are not allowed in low salt diet:

All foods was given sodium in its processing, such as:

  • Bread, biscuits, crackers, cakes and other pastries are cooked with salt or soda.
  • Erky, shredded, corned beef, salami, bacon, ham, boiled fish, sardines, dried shrimp, salted eggs, boiled eggs.
  • Cheese, cheese from peanuts (peanut butter).
  • Margarine, butter.
  • Pickles, pickled vegetables, canned vegetables.6. Pickled fruit, candied fruit, canned fruit.
  • Salt, MSG, baking soda, soy sauce, shrimp paste, pastes, taoco, tomato ketchup.

The correct way to cook:

Insipidity can be changed using spices are not contain sodium such as onion, garlic, vinegar, sugar, turmeric, etc. Frying, sautéing or grilling food can also leave a fresh taste of foods.

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One way to remove sodium from margarine is as below:

Mix the margarine with water and cook it until boiling. Margarine will melt and sodium contained in it will dissolve in water.- Cooling margarine by inserting ice into it, or put it in to refrigerator. Margarine will be hard to back, and get rid of water containing sodium. Do this 2 times.

Health Benefits Of Music Therapy

Music therapy is a therapy by using music as a tool to improve, maintain, or enhance physical, mental, and emotional of a person.

History of music therapy

The use of music therapy for health or anything else already there before. In the history, the two scientists who are experts in music therapy, namely Al-Kindi and al-Farabi.Al-Kindi or al-Kindus is a scientist who lived during the Islamic Abbasid Caliphate in Baghdad. Al-Kindi’s expertise in mastering a variety of disciplines including medicine, make him to be a teacher and healer for the Caliphate. The Caliph also believed him to involved in the Bait al-Hikmah, who was actively translating books of science and technology from various languages, such as Greek.Al-Farabi or Alpharabius, has a full name Abu Nasr Muhammad ibn al-Farakh al-Farabi. He came from Persia.

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Al-Farabi (873-950M) in his book “Great Book About Music”, said that music creates a sense of calm, educates moral, controls emotion, develop spiritual, heals psychological disorders. He was a philosopher and a great Islamic thinker.Ibn Sina (980-1037) said that he gain much things from the work of al-Farabi. He even admitted that he learn music from Al-Farabi and practice music therapy. “One of the best and most effective treatment is to strengthen the patient’s mental and spiritual health, and give them more courage to fight the disease,” Ibn Sina said.Music is sound that organized and orderly.

Music has a profound effect on one’s physical and mental. Listening to music on a regular basis is very beneficial to health because it can relieves stress, depression, so that the mind and body are relaxed and re-powered.

Is music therapy the same as listening to music?

No. That are the different things. Cheryl Dileo, a professor of music and Director of the Center for Art Research and Quality Improvement of Living, Temple University, Philadelphia, United States (U.S.) stated that, music therapy and listen to music is very different. “Listening to music alone is not a therapy, although a lot of people who listen to music obtain positive benefits, such as more relaxed and a better mood” .Dileo added, music therapy needs help from others who have such ability. “Although many people claim to know about how to enjoy the music for themselves, but with the help of an expert of music therapy, listening to music will provide greater benefits. Music therapy will gives a new energy, a fresh mental, and good social relationships, “he said. What is certain, music therapy can provide many health benefits.

Here are some major benefits of music therapy for health.

1. Make physical and mind more relaxed

The first benefits of music therapy can be felt is a sense of relaxation, physical and mind to be fresher, and more powerful. Music therapy is an opportunity for physical and mind to undergo relaxation process as a whole.

2. Increasing intelligence

In the field of music therapy, there is a well known term that is Mozart effect, ie some positive effects of  music to enhance a person’s intelligence, especially in children. The Mozart effect has been studied by scientists, one of them is Frances Rauscher and his friends from the University of California. Some studies showed that since the baby in the womb until the age of five years are the best time to stimulate children’s intelligence. Because, that’s the time when a child’s brain in a period of formation, so it is good if babies get music therapy.

3. Increase passion and motivation

Passion or motivation are the power come from specific impulse. If there are passion and motivation, all things are possible to be implemented, and vice versa. Some studies showed, there are certain types of music that can enhance a person’s passion and motivation.

4. Improve memory

Music therapy may improve memory. At some schools in developed countries like America and Europe, music therapy is widely used to improve student academic achievement. While at the rehabilitation center, music therapy is widely used to deal with dementia.

5. Reduce pain

Director of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Katherine Puckett said although she did not have certificate as a music therapist, she and her staff always used music to petrify the treatment of their patients. “Everyone must love music. You would not be sick if you like music. Music makes one feel relaxed, comfortable, and quiet.The relaxed body can reduce pain, including pain from cancer healing process, “said Puckett.

6. Balancing the left brain and right brain

According to  experts, stimulation of music help balance the left brain and right brain. If the left and right brain are balanced, other organs also become more balanced and healthier. That is why, the family who realized the importance of the balance of left brain and right brain, provide additional education in the field of music to their children.

In addition, there are several other benefits of music therapy are: enhance creativity, improve concentration, overcoming autism disorders in young children, and improve language skills.

Health Benefits Of Green Beans

There are a lot health benefits of green beans that we often consume daily that we do not know. On this post we would like to share a little information about such matters.

Some of the properties contained in the green beans are:

1. Lower bad cholesterol

The fat contained in green beans consist of unsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. These fats are good fats such as those contained in soy. Therefore, for patients hyperlipidemia, they should not be afraid to eat green beans, because green beans can lower total cholesterol and bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol that you expect.

2. Maintain digestive system health

Green beans are rich in fiber. Fiber function is to maintain digestive health and prevent the occurrence of hyperglycemia. For patients with hyperglycemia, try to make the green beans as your favorite vegetables. By eating green beans, your stomach will feel full, but the calories that enter the body is not much. Not only that, your colon health will also be better.

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3. Prevent tingling

Although only donate a little energy, green beans are good to eat vegetables because they contain various vitamins and minerals which are beneficial to the body. Green beans contain lots of vitamin B complex. Composition of vitamin B contained in the green beans is very balanced. B vitamins are found in green beans is vitamin B1 and B2. For the body, the presence of vitamin B1 and B2 is necessary to regulate the nervous system. If you are tingling, you might have deficiency of vitamin B complex. Therefore, try to increase the consumption of whole cereals or legumes.

4. Reduce the symptoms of migraine

For those of you who frequently experience migraine headaches, eating green beans will help reduce the symptoms of migraine. Green beans contain riboflavin (vitamin B2) is quite a lot. The body needs vitamin B2 which is useful for maintain the health of blood vessels. The health of blood vessels characterized by the smooth of blood flow. If the blood can flow smoothly into the brain, migraine symptoms will not occur. In addition, green beans also contain lots of iron. Iron forming hemoglobin to carry oxygen throughout the body. Adequacy of oxygen will prevent the emergence of migraine symptoms.

5. Maintain the stability of blood pressure

Green beans are good to be consumed by patients with hypertension. Green beans contain lots of potassium and magnesium are useful to maintain the stability of blood pressure. Folate contained in green beans is also useful to prevent the rise in blood pressure. The presence of folate may reduce the adverse effects of homocysteine. Folate will break down homocysteine into other forms that do not harm the blood vessels. Decreased levels of homocysteine in the blood will reduce the risk of damage to blood vessels. It is very important for prevent heart attacks. In the long run this will also reduce the risk of stroke.

Some of the properties described above are contained in green beans and health benefits of green beans, and probably many other benefits that have not been exposed to the above explanation. Some other health benefits of green beans is to maintain the stability of blood sugar levels, maintain the health of digestive system, prevent coronary heart disease and stroke and meet the daily needs of iron.

Good Memory Tips For A Healthy Mind

Having good memory  is an added advantage to healthy aging. Memory loss is always relevant to old age and posts many problems to the seniors. Having a good memory at old age keeps one active and enjoys most of the evidence of old age.

To this effects many has researched to come out with many tips to help keep your mind healthy and active as you grow older. Solving the problem of good memory at old age is just like solving the most of the problems associated with old age. Good brain health is the ability to think clearly and to continue to live your life as you have before.

The bad news?

Researchers are still unsure of exactly what causes cognitive impairment. Diagnosis is often late and treatments remain elusive. “Alzheimer’s is our main nemesis,” says Wahlestedt, who notes that dementia and mild cognitive impairment (MCI) are milder forms of deteriorating brain health.

The good news?

Our understanding of the diseases and how to prevent them is evolving rapidly.


Before we thought the brain was a very static thing, that you were born with a number of cells and that the brain was unable to repair,” says Dr. Carlos Ramirez-Mejia, a neurologist in Baptist Hospital’s neuroscience department.“But now we know that up to a certain age the brain is able to create new connections and activate different areas when you create a need for them.”“Think of nerve cells as a computer in the brain,” explains Wahlestedt. “All the wires have to be there for it to work. Nerve cells connect to other nerve cells and create these networks.

If some of the cells die off, the networks will not be complete or functional. Accordingly, prevention efforts revolve around building strong, healthy nerve cells from day one.

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We make it clear that you’re never too young to start thinking about good health,” adds Dr. Ralph Sacco, professor and chairman of neurology at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and immediate past president of the American Heart Association.“The risk of cognitive impairment goes up with age, but it takes many years of unregulated behaviors to impact it — start doing something now versus doing something later.”Motivated?

Here are five ways to start improving your brain health today.

Eat a healthy diet

Studies have shown that people who have a heart healthy, Mediterranean-style diet of mostly fish, legumes, vegetables and olive oil tend to have better brain health, reports Dr. Po-Heng Tsai, a neurologist at Cleveland Clinic Florida. A healthy brain diet looks a lot like a healthy heart diet. Avoid foods rich in cholesterol and bad fats and load up on fruits, vegetables, good fats and antioxidants.

Exercise often

Exercise keeps your brain healthy, Wahlestedt says.“The brain is dependent on blood from the body, so it’s not a good thing if your arteries are really bad at supporting the brain.” Specific recommendations vary by individual, but in general, longer durations and higher intensities are advised. Physical activity is always the trickiest recommendation. People who are older may not be as physically active, but if you’re doing less, do it a little longer.

Reduce stress

Every time you’re under stress you produce a lot of hormones that are used in response to threat, Ramirez-Mejia. These hormones go to the brain and are very toxic. When you expose a rat to discharges of those chemicals, parts of the brain start to die. Reduce stress when possible by removing yourself from stressful situations, exercising, listening to music and/or practicing breathing techniques.

Sleep better

It is critical for the brain to process information while you’re sleeping, Ramirez-Mejia says. Your body seems to be at rest, but your brain is actually quite active storing memories and processing information from the day. If you’re not sleeping well, your memory and brain function will be impaired.

Be mentally, socially active

The brain needs to learn new things, Ramirez-Mejia says. The moment it stops learning new things it goes into this mode where it becomes really efficient at the simple activities of daily living but doesn’t make any effort to make new connections.

A brain that has more connections is a more efficient brain and is less prone to Alzheimer’s and dementia” Learning can be learning a new language, acquiring a new skill, playing an instrument, doing mathematical calculations, exploring the world or planning things for the future — seeing life in the long-term.


Right now because of the aging population, the predictions for the year 2050 are pretty bleak, Sacco says. “The number of people living into 70s and 80s are going way up, so projections for Alzheimer’s, dementia and strokes are projected to increase unless we can do something by changing some of these behaviors.” The goal now is to produce more connections and build a more dense network, Ramirez-Mejia adds. In the future there will be medications.

Goat Milk Benefits

Have you ever drank goat’s milk? If the answer is not, it’s natural. Because, goat milk is not as popular as cow’s milk. But in terms of nutritional content, goat milk was not less than the cow’s milk. Similarly, the benefits of goat’s milk are also not inferior to cow’s milk.  Are you curious and want to know the goat milk benefits ?

  some advantages of goat milk compared with milk from other animals as the following:

  • Goat milk is antiseptic, natural and can help reduce the proliferation of bacteria in the body. This is caused by the presence of fluorine at levels between 10 to 100 times more than cow’s milk.
  • It is basic (alkaline food) so it is safe for the body.
  • It is basic (alkaline food) so it is safe for the body.
  • Contains proteins that soft with lactase effects of light, so it does not cause diarrhea.
  • Fat in goat milk is easy to digest because it has a soft and smooth texture. The form of fat is also smaller than the granules of fat cow’s milk or other dairy. In addition, it is also a natural homogeneous. Because goat milk is easy to digest, then this could suppress allergic reactions. Goat milk contains sodium, fluorine, calcium, and phosphorus were pretty dominant, plus other nutrients. Goat milk contains sodium, fluorine, calcium, and phosphorus were pretty dominant, plus other nutrients. Therefore, goat milk has several benefits for health.
  • Increase vitality and stamina.
  • Solve the problem of impotence and sexual arousal for both men and women.
  •  Has anti-cancer effects.
  • Helps digestion and neutralize stomach acid.
  • Curing allergic reactions on the skin, respiratory and digestive tract.
  • Curing some type of lung disease, such as asthma, tuberculosis, and other acute infections in the lungs.
  • Curing kidney disorders, such as nephrotic syndrome, kidney infections and high uric acid.
  • With its high calcium content, it can help to cure rheumatism and prevent osteoporosis.

 The characteristics of a good goat milk

The characteristics of goat milk that is pure and good, which easy to recognize physically, are as follows:

  •  In freezing conditions, goat’s milk should be amber (due to high calcium content).
  • Easy to melt at room temperature (low water content).
  • Easily crushed after 30 minutes removed from freezer.
  • The aroma of goat milk is slightly sweet and savory.
  • Creamy of goat milk and water can come together and not broken / clot.
  • Distinctive smell of goat does not smell stinging (hygiene of well preserved goat pen).
  • The fat content of goat milk is not more than 6 percent.

The characteristics of goat milk a good as mentioned above should be considered carefully so that we avoid the mixing between organic goat milk with water, coconut milk or cow’s milk.

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Several factors can cause a reduction in the quality of pure goat milk are:

  • Milk has exceeded the time limit storage (expired).
  • Storage of milk at a temperature that does not conform to the storage standard or unstable.
  • Melting a few times and then freezes again.
  • Filthy cages and feed which less good.
  • Colostrum mixed with goats milk at the beginning of the birth.

The goat milk benefits for hepatitis

This magazine tells the healing of a patient from hepatitis after consuming goat milk regularly.What is the role of goat milk in the healing of hepatitis? According to Dr HP Maree, MBChB, from Schweizer Reneke, Western Transvaal, South Africa, goat milk contains a lot of medium-chain fatty acids. That is nearly equivalent to human milk.Goat milk contains lauric acid, which is also present in virgin coconut oil (VCO), up 4.5 percent. While human milk contains lauric acid as much as 5.8 percent. Goat milk also contains capric acid as much as 2.2 percent. While capric acid in human milk is only 0.3 percent and 1.2 percent in cow’s milk. Lauric acid and capric acid is known as an antiviral.Goat milk is also contain up to 0.676 mg of niacin, higher than in cow’s milk 0.261 mg. According to Dr. Elvina Naidoo MSc, community nutritionist, University of Indonesia, vitamin B3 or niacin supplements are usually given to patients who are undergoing chemotherapy to reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy.

Finally, goat’s milk is a drink not less favorable in terms of nutrients than cow milk. Even, health complaints commonly encountered in people who drink cow’s milk, is rarely found in people who consume goat milk. So that goat milk can be an alternative for consumers who have an allergy to cow’s milk.Unfortunately, the goat milk benefits for health seems still unknown by many people. Our wrong perception about goats milk, make us underestimate this benefit-rich milk.

Detoxification, Healthy And Natural Way To Get A Beauty

Detoxification or detox for beauty increasingly widespread as a subject of conversation in the last decade. Weight loss in a short time and the desire to have healthy and beautiful skin naturally makes detox become so popular.

Truly, this method has been applied since the beginning of human civilization. It is known from historical records, where the methods commonly used since the first is by fasting. In one of the prescription records of herbal medicine in China in 2700 BC, written prescription drug containing laxatives. The application of hydrotherapy in 1500 BC to throw dirt in the colon also shows the efforts made by humans to remove toxins from the body.

What is the toxin?

Toxin derived from the Greek, namely toxicon meaning poison. Toxin is a chemical or organic substance that are foreign to the human body and can be harmful to health.

Internal toxin is toxin derived from process that occurs in the human body, one example is the result from digestive system, which is then processed by the liver. While the external toxin is toxin derived from environment outside the human body and enter through the air, food, and beverages.

The human body has been equipped with toxin elimination system that is the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and immune system. But in modern times like now, the presence of various pollutants and free radical in nature, stress, constipation, and other chronic systemic diseases, the amount of toxin exposure can exceed the speed elimination of the toxin.

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Heaps of toxins in the body can cause many symptoms ranging from mild, such as weakness, lethargy, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, decreased of immune system, to the nervous system disease due to deposition of heavy metals, and cancer due to mutations in the DNA of body cells by teratogenic substances .

What is detoxification?

Detoxification is the general term for process elimination of toxins, consisting of detoxification of alcohol, drug, metabolic, and so on. In this case, detoxification which meant is metabolic detoxification, that is efforts made to remove excess of toxins from the body, by perform a variety of ways, including fasting, diet, vitamin therapy, colon therapy, therapy by chelating agents, and hyperthermia.Cheapest detoxification!

Fasting is the cheapest and easiest way to applied, but the supervision from a doctor or a nutritionist is required because it must be done for a few days. Way is by not eat any food and may only drinking water to prevent dehydration. Some experts still allow the consumption of fruit juice to keep the body’s nutritional needs. The purpose of fasting itself is to reduce intake of toxins that we do not realize, which found in foods like preservatives, dyes, artificial sweeteners, pesticides in vegetables which not washed, etc.. Thus the body has a chance to eliminate the toxins which have been first exist in the body.

Getting Rid Of Acne Marks Naturally

Learn how to get rid of acne marks is the goal of every person who left a memory of acne outbreaks on their skin. Signs are external memories of outbreaks of acne, most people experience during puberty and for some, their entire lives. Perhaps most importantly, signs of skin below leaves scars, usually a person psychologically.

There are several options, however, can help reduce or eliminate these marks. Smaller, lighter brands can be managed at home with over the counter products and natural remedies. Bigger, can be eliminated (or reduced) by a dermatologist.

Home remedies and OTC / natural products listed below were all found to operate in different degrees for those who tried. Some of the suggestions are very temporary solutions, while others offer permanent help. Since you are a person physiologically unique, you have several (or all) of them before trying one (s), which works best for you.

The following list is in alphabetical order and not in a specific order of efficacy or persistence.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera Gel is one of the best non-medical treatments for acne marks.Apply gel directly to the affected area. Pure aloe vera aloe vera works best with additives.

Cocoa butter:

Cocoa butter can be purchased in most drug and grocery store.Cocoa butter works well to reduce the mark and the healing of the skin (smells better than a lot of these other resources). Just follow the instructions on the package.

Drink lemon juice:

Lemon juice consumption (per day) helps reduce signs of acne, because it increases the efficiency of body exfoliation of dead skin cells.

Drink plenty of water:

most people do not drink enough water to keep your body well hydrated. This is particularly important when trying to get rid of acne marks that water is essential for the body to get rid of dead skin cells. Drink plenty of water also helps non-affected areas of skin to look better and helps prevent acne outbreaks.


Apply egg white slightly beaten affected areas before bed. Let dry and then the next morning to wash. It works well to prevent acne and reduce the signs.

External Lemon:

Apply lemon juice directly to the affected areas. Lemon juice improves the brand and erode over time in the upper skin of brands. You can clean your face with lemon juice if you like: make a great job of clogging pores United Nations. If lemon juice can be diluted with water a little “clean before use.


Garlic has a superb job of preventing acne and acne marks fade. Crush garlic and apply on affected site. You should try to keep garlic in the fields for 30 minutes, more if you can. Wash. This works quite quickly, with some people who claim that a significant improvement in just four days a week.


Honey has a great job of fading brands. Apply to affected areas and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash.


Apply ice to the area from 10 to 15 minutes a day reduces inflammation and reduces redness and light generally brand. Do not apply ice directly on skin, wrapped in a cloth before applying thin ice.

Lavender oil:

Lavender oil has a good job in the footsteps of acne. Wash face with warm water in the pores (make sure the water is warm, not hot) to open, apply lavender oil directly to the mark and wipe gently.

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Olive oil:

Olive oil is a superfood. It is a great addition to any diet. For stains on front, a small amount of oil zones (or the whole face if you want) before bedtime and massage. Later in the night. Oil must be completely absorbed in the morning, so wash normally. Olive oil has a very good job in reducing the visibility of brands.

Sun protection:

sunscreen will do everything possible to delete a character or blur. Not to sign with sun deck in the sun before taking the brand to be darker and more visible. No progress will cancel with some of these methods do not need sunscreen.


Tomatoes have a great healing properties for skin damage. Tomatoes are also a bleaching quality. Cut a fresh red mark and keep around 15 minutes. Wash. Repeat this mark every day are confused.